Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baseball America Top 100

After talking about the under the radar youngins, we might as well get back to the guys on the radar, BAs top 100 Prospects.

Wieters #1, and Price #2 is going to be standard everywhere, any list that doesn't have that is just trying to be cool.

The Marlins have 3 top 20 prospects, all hitters, pretty impressive. With that known, it's hard for them to not do "Marlins type moves" then. Why keep Mike Jacobs when you have Logan Morrison a 1b ranked 18th, or keep Josh Willingham when you have Mike Stanton an outfielder ranked 16? The Marlins .

Other thoughts: the Braves have a top heavy farm with 2 top 5 guys. The Rangers have guys sprinkled all over the list in all positions, by most accounts they have the best farm in the league. The Rays have a ridiculous amount of good prospects for a division winner, and the Red Sox have nice young talent as well. It's nice to see some Pirates and Royals prospects too, maybe the futures of such historically rich baseball cities are bright after all.

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