Thursday, December 2, 2010

Quick Thoughts

Here is a quick roundup of some thoughts that on their own don't deserve a blog post but the culmination of them, well still doesn't deserve a blog post, but I'm doing it anyways...

None of us truly know what Zack Greinke has to deal with in terms of his anxiety disorder, so to guess from our mother's basements on how he can or can't deal with the pressure of New York seems silly and a little inappropriate.  From what I gather, winning is what matters to Greinke, and if he's willing to go to New York than as a Yankee fan I'm willing to accept him.  Of course that's dependent on what the Yankees would have to give up to sign him and Cliff Lee's asking price, but that's besides the point.

With the Rangers are on the brink of offering Cliff Lee an offer  now people are saying that they'd be better off without him.  We can speculate on what the Rangers' budget and future budget may look like but I'm going to assume the Rangers know that better than any of us.  So, with that said, I imagine the Rangers wouldn't give Lee a contract that wouldn't allow them to also extend Josh Hamilton, C.J. Wilson and/or Colby Lewis.  The Rangers, as everyone knows, made it to the World Series this year, so they have to believe that's a realistic possibility for next year and the future, with Cliff Lee.  If they keep Cliff Lee under the assumption it won't force them to lose some of their current players, I'm not sure signing Lee and having a shot to win the World Series over the next 4-5 years is such a bad thing.

In 2009 Jim Thome batted .249/.366/.481 and got $1.5 Million from the Twins.  This year, Lance Berkman batted .248/.368/.413 and is demanding $7 Million.  Berkman is younger and can play a corner outfield spot or first base while Thome is stuck at DH, but Berkman is likely to at best play 1b and on a one year deal age isn't a large factor.  I think Berkman could be a great pickup for a team but not if you have to pay him more than Vlad Guerrero and Jim Thome got last offseason, coming off of better seasons than Berkman had this year.  

The San Francisco Giants let their infielders leave (Juan Uribe, Edgar Renteria) and decided to bring back both of their DHs (Aubrey Huff, Pat Burrell) and sign Miguel Tejada.  I wouldn't quite call these bad  moves per se, but they aren't really moves that will influence me to choose them as the NL favorites either.  The Giants won last year based on great pitching and timely hitting.  The pitching is still there but unless Brian Sabean has found a way to pick up players who "have a knack for getting the big hit", this formula may not work again.

Reliever Brian Shouse has retired.  Shouse was nothing more than an adequate lefty specialist out of the bull pen but he'll always have a soft spot in my heart because of his MLB Showdown card (shown above).   I can't really speak for his real-life performances but in MLB Showdown Shouse was awesome.  He was a relatively cheap reliever but was respectable enough to actually use, the perfect balance to complete your Showdown pitching rotation.  Shouse could get out a tough lefty in the 8th inning or give a couple of solid innings in the 5th or 6th if my starter got rocked.  

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