Monday, December 6, 2010

Sun Comes Up, Jeter Stays in New York and Minka Kelly is Hot

Minka Kelly: "cha-ching!"
Derek Jeter finally signs with the Yankees, sadly ending Jeter Saga 2010.  It was fun to overstate the probability that Jeter was (a) leaving New York (b) ruining public support for himself with his outrageous (rumored) demands, and (c) going to wear other uniforms but alas, all of that is over as Jeter and the Yankees have made an agreement. 

The Yankees, as we all know by now, offered Jeter a reasonable contract of 3 years $45M while the Jeter camp was rumored to have wanted 4 or 5 years with a raise on his ~$19M salary.  The two have reached an agreement somewhere in the middle but closer to the Yankees side: 3 years $51M with an option for 2014 at $8M with a $3M buyout.  Essentially at worst Jeter will make $56M for three years (almost $19M per) and at best Jeter can make a lot more depending on how well he does and if the option is picked up (maximum value of $65M for 4 years). 

For Jeter, the original Yankees offer was already more than fair based on his projected on-field performance, so this deal is hardly anything to sneeze at.  We knew the Yankees would have to overpay at least slightly for Jeter, and this contract doesn't necessarily contradict that, but the Yankees did well for themselves relatively holding firm on Jeter's bogus demands and keeping him at a reasonable price that will likely help the team more than hurt.

A few weeks ago I speculated that Jeter would sign for a little more than the Yankees offered to save some face, and this deal is just that.  Not that Jeter would ever have problems sleeping knowing he's next to the lady in the above picture (unless he would prefer not to but that's a different story) but he can now go to sleep easily, knowing he's staying in New York.  

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