Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Meetings: Who Won and Who Lost?

The Winter Meetings are over so let's choose the winners and losers!


Any Free Agent: Teams are undoubtedly spending more money this offseason, benefiting all free agents.  Last year Jim Thome got $1.5M, during the Winter Meetings Carlos Pena  received $10M, and the White Sox gave out 3 and 4 year deals for Paul Konerko and Adam Dunn.

Jayson Werth: The Phillies were willing to give him 3 years and the Red Sox apparently 5, so naturally he signed for 7 years and $126 Million from the Nationals.    

Boston Red Sox:  The Red Sox needed a left fielder, so they went out and signed the best one in baseball.  Then they moved Kevin Youklis over to third and needed a first baseman so they went out and traded for arguably the best one not named Albert.  

Derek Jeter: On the open market he's signing a 2 year deal, on the Yankees he gets 3 and over $50M. 

San Diego Padres: They received a nice, fair return for Adrian Gonzalez and traded a few replaceable relievers (especially given their park) for their likely 2011 starting shortstop (Jason Bartlett) and center fielder (Cameron Maybin). 

People's Ability to Hear: More people "overheard" things this week than in the history of mankind.  This is a fact. 

Baltimore Orioles:  Nothing major, but a lot of solid moves.  In 2010 Miguel Tejada and Cesar Izturis played on the left side of the infield, in 2011 Mark Reynolds and JJ Hardy will be there.  Upgrade!  Plus, signing Koji Uehara (55/5 K/BB) for one year and $3M when the Tigers gave 3 years to Joaquin Benoit is a total steal.  

The State of Arkansas: I think the Rangers and Yankees quadrupled the state's tourism for the year, maybe decade. 

Milwaukee Brewers: The Brewers traded a guy who posts pictures of himself online playing "Edward Fortyhands" with a finger mustache (Brett Lawrie) for a great pitcher (Shaun Marcum).

Pittsburgh Pirates: They've done nothing to actually help the team all that much but they're trying and being aggressive and at this point the Pirates get points just for doing that.  

Luke Scott's Unintentional Comedy: The dude said Obama wasn't born in America!


Kansas City Royals: You don't get credit for building up the minor league system during the Winter Meetings.  A couple of years ago GM Dayton Moore claimed to want to improve the teams OBP, this week they signed Jeff Francoeur (.300 OBP) and Melky Cabrera (.317 OBP).  

Justin Upton:  Before the meetings started Upton was the hot rumor.  When the meetings ended nobody came up with a legitimate offer and Upton's feelings were hurt.

New York Yankees: Any time the Red Sox get 2 top 20 players and the Yankees get nothing, it's a loss.  

Tampa Bay Rays: They're too smart of an organization to not put together a solid team once this offseason is over but right now they've lost Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, Joaquin Benoit and Jason Bartlett; they stand to lose Rafael Soriano and the only rumors they're involved in are regarding them trading more players away for salary relief.  

Personal Twitter Accounts: As much as I love baseball, hearing about every unsubstantiated rumor gets to be pretty, pretty annoying.

Minnesota Twins: I thought they weren no longer considered such a small market team but they traded JJ Hardy for some peanuts just to save a few bucks.  Granted they're pretty good peanuts, maybe even roasted, but they're still peanuts for a starting shortstop.  

Los Angeles Angels: Crawford was their guy, and they lost him.

Luke Scott's Respectability: The dude said Obama wasn't born in America!

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