Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick Thoughts

Some Quick Thoughts and Ramblings as I sit on my bed this Sunday morning:

  • Before yesterday, Derek Jeter was hitting .257/.321/.329.  After going 5-5 against the Rays en route to his 3,000th hit and game winning RBI, his seasonal line now stands at .270/.331/.354. It's not "Jeterian" but hey, it's not "Rey Sanchezian" either.
  • Jose Bautista hit two (more) homers last night and he now has 31 before we're at the all-star break. Granted the all-star break isn't a perfect half/half split (we're already passed the half-way point) but I wouldn't be surprised if Bautista hit 60 homers this year. This time last year people were wondering 1) How soon until Bautista collapses, and 2) What substances is he using? Now, well, unfortunately there are still a-holes wondering if Bautista is "legit", but we're also now asking if he's the best player in baseball and the answer is probably an emphatic YES.
  • Todd Helton hit a homer last night and is now hitting .318 with 10 homers and 41 RBI with an OBP inching near .400, in a down year for offense. Helton has an iffy HOF case (seems like people are more appalled by Colorado home/road splits than any steroid suspicions, mind you there are none regarding Helton) but if he can keep picking it at first at getting on-base he'll continue to get PT and help out his counting numbers. Stay tuned...
  • Boston shutout Baltimore 4-0 yesterday on a great showing by the one and only John Lackey: 6.2 innings, 4 baserunners and 7 K's. Boston has owned Baltimore in this series, I don't know how else to say it other than they have made the Orioles their bitch. 3-0 and the Sox have outscored the Orioles 24-7. Mitch Atkins is on the bump this afternoon for the Orioles as they try to salvage the series, good luck!
  • Watching Tim Pawlenty on Meet the Press is making me nauseous. In what world is it a good thing to brag about your executive leadership because you "shut down the government" and "set a record number for vetoes"? 

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